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Would Bismarck benefit more from Wayne or Doug as Governor?

Here is my take on it. Our economy has been great so I would stick with Wayne. While Doug did create jobs they were Fargo Jobs and hurt the rest of the state especially Bismarck. Since Bismarck doesn’t have a 4 year public school many kids leave here and end up at NDSU or other colleges where Burgum and others were able to recruit Bismarck’s best while still in school.

Doug vowed to increase spending in higher education he will either need to raise taxes or cut spending in other areas. While this is great for Doug who owns a lot of downtown Fargo and it will definitely put more money in his pockets it will also hurt places like Bismarck. Increased spending in higher education making it more attractive will only pull young talent away from our private university making it harder to compete with public schools and retain talent here in Bismarck.

Who do you think would be best for Bismarck and why?


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