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Bismarck’s Top 5 Intersections With The Most Crashes

The Bismarck Tribune has posted an article listing the city’s “most dangerous” intersections, ranking each by total crashes. Not surprisingly, State Street bisected three of the five intersections. On the other hand, Bismarck’s other major artery, Expressway, was absent from the Top 5 list.

Bismarck-Mandan is noted as containing some of the state’s most treacherous intersections. A recent DOT study concluded that Bismarck-Mandan was home to 19 out of the top 50 intersections (38%) with the highest crash frequencies in North Dakota.

State Street-Interchange Avenue

This busy intersection with common left turns across three lanes in each direction ranks fifth in local traffic crashes.

Rosser Avenue-12th Street

This intersection, which can become blinded from heavy street parking stemming from St. Alexius, is a common crossing point for north-south traffic across Rosser.

State Street-Divide Avenue

This oddly angled, heavy volume intersection ranks third in local crashes.

State Street-Century Avenue

One of the busiest – and largest – local intersections, this 20-lane junction places second in traffic crashes.

State Street-Interstate Avenue

Again, one of the largest intersections in terms of combined lanes, this busy intersection near I-94 and Gateway Fashion Mall tops the list.