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Bismarck’s Future


I have lived here my whole life and this is the same Bismarck as it was 50 years ago. The only jobs here are Government, Healthcare, and Service industry. Sure we do have a few small companies like MDU and Basin but that’s it. The population boom you are seeing now is due to the Oil Boom and in 20 years from now when the boom is done the people will leave.


The people from Bismarck aren’t leaving the state they are moving to Fargo. As KFYR proclaimed in their promotion of Bison football games that this as Bison stomping ground giving more air time to Bison Football and Basketball then they give to BSC or the University of Mary for that matter. Furthermore state surplus and tax dollars have been spent to keep tuition rates low about half of what tuition costs at the University of Mary. It’s no wonder our youth are choosing NDSU instead of staying here. Companies are locating to Fargo in droves as most degrees require you to do internship so the company’s get to choose the best of the best of our young people. They also know that people form Bismarck are acclimated to the weather and will more than likely stay long term.


It has been and will be a constant struggle every year to keep our young people here. It doesn’t matter how many millions or billions you spend on making Bismarck better. You want to keep young people here then BSC needs to become a 4 year school. I think if that happens people will support BSC over NDSU and we should be able to stop the mass exodus of our youth.


I think the only way this will change is if enough people email there state senators and representatives. A healthy Bismarck will not only benefit Bismarck but the state as a whole and in the long run will benefit our bigger cities like Fargo, Grand Forks, and Minot.


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