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The Bismarck-Mandan Dictionary

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Avenue C runs eastbound from just west of Griffin Street to 20th Street. Despite its small size, Avenue C sees heavy volume of traffic most days, partly because of Saint Mary's High School located at the intersection of Third Street, and Bismarck High School located between Seventh & Ninth. Arrowhead Plaza is also located at the intersection of Third Street, across from Saint Mary's.

For many years the intersection of Washington Street and Avenue C was a source of major congestion, controlled by a set of four-way stops. Congestion eased somewhat upon the transfer of Hughes Middle School to the new Horizon Middle School in 2001, however the issue still needed to be addressed. This intersection finally received an upgrade, which included traffic signals, in 2007.

Speed: 25 MPH
# Lanes: Two
Intersections: Washington Street, Third Street, Seventh Street, Ninth Street, 16th Street
Destinations: Saint Mary's High, Arrowhead Plaza, Bismarck High School

*Intended for reference only, not intended to provide complete listing