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City of Lincoln, North Dakota

By | Last Modified: November 29, 2017

Lincoln is a small suburb located immediately southeast of Bismarck near the Bismarck Airport. Up until very recently, Lincoln was a true bedroom community with limited services.

Lincoln was first established as a housing development called Fort Lincoln Estates in 1972. 24 homes were constructed by 1973. Residents voted 312-185 to incorporate Lincoln as a city in July 1977.

For decades, Lincoln consisted chiefly of middle-class single-family houses. By the 2010s, Lincoln diversified to include condos, apartments, businesses, and even an elementary school (opened in January  2014). Lincoln now boasts a small handful of businesses, including a bank, two convenience stores, and a couple of bars and restaurants.

Lincoln is one of the fastest growing cities in North Dakota, with its population having increased by an estimated 28.8% since the 2010 Census to a current estimated population of over 3,000 residents.

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