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City of Lincoln, North Dakota

By | Last Modified: May 10, 2019

Lincoln is a small suburb located immediately southeast of Bismarck near the Bismarck Airport. Lincoln is considered a bedroom community, containing limited services beyond what is needed to sustain the city itself.

For decades, Lincoln consisted chiefly of middle-class single-family houses. By the 2010s, Lincoln diversified to include condos, apartments, businesses, and even an elementary school (opened in January  2014). Lincoln now boasts a small handful of businesses, including a bank, two convenience stores, and a couple of bars and restaurants.

Lincoln is one of the fastest growing cities in North Dakota, with its population having increased by an estimated 28.8% since the 2010 Census to a current estimated population of over 3,000 residents.


A Lincoln Township south of present-day Bismarck has been shown on maps dating back to 1872, when Edwinton – as Bismarck was originally known – was first platted. Efforts to formerly organize a township and city under the name of Lincoln have persisted, including one in 1965.

What is today considered the City of Lincoln was first established as a 300-acre, 492-lot housing development called Fort Lincoln Estates in 1972. It was originally considered part of Apple Creek Township. Billy Rippley was the principal developer. 24 homes were constructed by 1973.

Lincoln, along with eleven other sections of Apple Creek Township, entered the Bismarck Public School district through annexation in 1973.

Residents voted 312-185 to incorporate Lincoln as a city on July 12, 1977.

Lincoln Elementary opened in 2014 – the first public school in the city. Prior to that, students were bused into Bismarck.

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