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Classified Ad Instructions

Classified Instructions 12-2014


  • From the Member Centerclick “Place New Ad” for a new listing or “Edit Existing Ad” to edit an existing listing.
  • Complete your listing information as follows:
    1. Enter a Title for your ad (required). This will appear at the top of your listing and on all listing results.
    2. Upload a Picture for your listing. Note: You can upload additional pictures later.
    3. Enter applicable Price or Salary for your listing.
    4. Enter or select applicable Contact Information. You can select an existing organization, or, manually enter information. NOTE: Visitors can also respond through a private message form sent directly to your registered email address.
    5. Enter or select applicable information for Category-Specific Fields. Note: Select a tab to change category.
    6. Enter your listing’s Description.
    7. Upload additional pictures, if desired.
    8. Enter an address to embed a map, if desired.   
    9. Submit your ad for approval.